Gene Gore's Cheesecake and Demerol

Born during the Great Depression in the South, Gene would rather help her 
ophthalmologist father surgically remove eyeballs than attend debutant balls in taffeta. But she gives up nursing to marry a doctor and raise four children. Now she is pregnant yet again as her marriage is failing and then a medical crisis strikes. What choices are left to her?

"Attending Gene's show is like having strong coffee with a gracious, vivacious and very witty grandmother. Documentaries and fiction can't compare with this rare opportunityto experience history through the eyes of a woman who lived it all and tells it like it is. Plus, she's funny as hell!"
- San Francisco Fringe

Sundays at 3pm






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julia jackson Children are forever

Monday, September 15 - 8pm

ticket link

W H A T    C R I T I C S    A R E    S A Y I N G:
"In a city of standout solo performers, Julia Jackson can hang with any of them."
   - SF Theaterblog

" Writer-performer and comedian Julia Jackson's well acted and consistently funny autobiographical solo show details her and her female partner's attempt to adopt a newborn girl from a young African American mother in Florida."
    - SF Bay Guardian

   - SF Chronicle

W H A T   T H E   S H O W   I S   A B O U T:

Julia never bought a baby before. Okay, she's adopting, but the agency sure makes her feel like she's buying a baby. Couples competing in the free market of love. Bad ovaries but good credit? Step right up! Did you know some kids are discounted? A black baby--which is what Julia and her wife are seeking costs 1/2 of a white baby. Almost makes Julia and Amy want to run out and start a chapter of the Black Panthers - and Amy's white!

The one saving grace is that the waiting time for adopting a black child is six months instead of the two years it takes for a white baby. Oh wait, a gay couple? Make that a year. What's that? Julia is a recovering alcoholic? And she's insisting on including that info in their Dear Birth Mother letter? Make that anywhere between 2 years and . . . Hilary Clinton's second term

But only five days after signing the contract (non-refundable) at the adoption agency, a bomb drops - a birth mother has chosen Julia and Amy to raise her newborn baby daughter. And by the way, she's in labor. In Atlanta. Good news abounds.

The running time for the show is 90 minutes. There will be one intermission. No one under 16 will be admitted.

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pussy party ticket link

Sunday, October 5th, 2014 - 8.00 pm

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Show Dates and Curtains:

Season One: Episodes 1 and 2:

8pm: Thursdays: Oct. 2, 9
11pm: Fridays: Oct. 3, 10

Season One: Episodes 3 and 4:

8pm: Thursdays: Nov. 6, 13
11pm: Fridays: Nov. 7, 14

Season One: Episodes 5 and 6:

8pm: Thursdays: Dec. 4, 11
11pm: Fridays: Dec. 5, 12

Follow the adventures of Edina and Patsy as they swing through posh London swigging champagne and partying too much. You will follow them through Season One of Absolutely Fabulous featuring these zany episodes: Fat, Fashion, France, ISO Tank, Birthday and Magazine.

AbFab stars ZsaZsa Lufthansa as Patsy, Terry McLaughlin as Edina, Dene Larson as Saffy, Annie Larson as Gran and Raya Light as Bubble.
Rounding out the cast are J Sykes-Iness as Justin, as well as company players Marie Cartier and Randy Blaustein.

AbFab is directed by former New Wave Cockette and Thrillpeddler Christian Heppinstall.

It is the first production of SF's newest theater: the Royal British Comedy Theatre. RBCT is dedicated to bringing the crème de la crème of Brit comic telly to the live stage with faux British accents of our actors who are encouraged to release their Inner Comic Britishness.

Visit our Facebook Event Page (Absolutely Fabulous) at:

Photo Credit: Jon Bauer ©2014 All Rights Reserved.




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Jason Mack Real Live Comedians

Real Live Comedians
8pm-10pm (doors at 7:30)
Every Third Wednesday

Tickets: ticket link





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don't watch this show live poster

Every 4th Wednesday of the month

An awesome mix of every aspect of comedy. We make every show brand new. New sketches, videos and stand up comics. Its never the same typical show. We want you to come watch our show every month. There is no show at all like this in the Bay Area. Come out and immerse yourself into everything comedy.

Every 4th Wednesday of the Month

Tickets: $12




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Comic Confessions poster


Comic Confessions is a showcase, hosted by Abhay Nadkarni, featuring some of the funniest comics in the Bay Area. Every 1st Wednesday of the Month!!

Our next show is on the 6th of August and will feature DJ Sandhu, Kate Willett, Kevin Monroe, Christopher Conaster and Anthony Sandoval!

You can buy your tickets here :

ticket link




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Kelita Burlesque ... From the Inside Out

Burlesque...from the Inside Out

Monday, November 03 - 7pm

ticket link

Featuring Burlesque Solos by:

Agente Azul
Lil Lionheart
Lola Bodylove
Lady Legionnaire
Bella Badonkadonk
Baronass of Avalon
and more TBA!

Showgirl Troupe Floorshows by:

Agent Azul
Lil Lionheart
Lola Bodylove
Cruze Valentine
Shimmies Galore
Lady Legionnaire
and more TBA!

With Special Guest:

La Bamboo Vixen

& Introducing MC Kellita, The Showgirl Shaman

All solos were created in the performance workshop, Burlesquel...from the Inside Out.

All troupe choreographies are original Hot Pink Feathers dances.
The troupe cast are all participants in Summer 2014 performance workshop, Showgirl Awakening...On Stage.

Note: Online tickets are $10 per seat. At-the-door tickets are $15 per seat. Online ticket sales end at 11am on Monday, July 21.

Doors 7pm; Show 7:30pm

For more information & a free guide to radiating your own inner showgirl, visit:




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Coming Soon


Lectures and Lunch in the Mission on a Sunday afternoon

Starting at 3pm

Come hear professionals talk about their passions and progress. Every show will feature 4 professionals sharing their projects with question and answers from you, the audience.

With your Host Mitch Green!

Each show will also feature a different food truck for after show snacks.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stay tuned for more info






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Solo Sundays Poster and Ticket Link

Next Show : SUNDAY, September 28

TIckets $12 7:00pm

ticket link



Gary Walker
"Green Eyes, Just Like You and Me"
"After watching an eye opening special on TV that mentions exorcisms, 10-year-old Gary asks his dad to explain the ritual to him.  His dad knows just what to do. He rents a copy of the 1973 classic movie, “The Exorcist” and has Gary watch it. Which Gary does.  Debilitated by the experience, will Gary ever overcome his crippling fear of satanic possessions and the world that's unseen?  Green Eyes Just Like You and Me shows how growing up on a dirt road in rural Michigan can give you everything you need. This family may have a cow named Bob and not a nickel to their name, but they're beyond worldly in their uncensored approach to tackling life's tough questions. Sometimes having less helps you accomplish more.”

Kenny Yun
“Mom Spilled Guts On My Tater Tots”
Please don't start mom! It's bad enough sitting in a smorgasbord, eating taters. Hope people aren't staring. How can I get her to stop? Oh no, I can't believe mom's going there!

Sharon Eberhardt
“Second-hand Muse”
Two dead rockstars, one crazy ex-girlfriend and muse, a stash of never-released tapes with their last, greatest songs.  A girl with a guitar and bartender with a dream will uncover rock history, or make some of their own.  

Lisa Marie Rollins
“Side Chick: This Ain’t no Harlequin Romance”
Lisa Marie didn’t plan on being a mistress, but somehow here she is, in a hotel in Tahoe with a married man while his wife is in a casino on mushrooms with friends. After 5 years of being single, a few attempts at internet dating, a stalker,the last 3 men she dates suddenly springing the news they are married on her, and some good old fashioned evangelical Christian familial shame, what’s a sex positive, Black Filipina feminist supposed to do?


S O L O    S U N D A Y S

ABOUT SOLO SUNDAYS - Solo Sundays, SF's premier monthly showcase, presents select samplings of veteran virtuosos and top emerging talent in the intimate StageWerx Theatre in The Mission. Beyond stand-up and storytelling, solo theater creates casts of thousands - plus special effects - all bursting from a single performer. The results are hilarious and heartbreaking, passionate and provocative, ablaze with personal visions.

Please join us for what we’re certain will be one of the best shows in town.

Tickets $12

Fourth Sunday of each month
(except when holidays force us to choose another weekend)

Upcoming Shows:


Melia Mills
“The Allure of Thug Life"

Echo Brown
“Black Virgins are not for Hipsters"


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The Vent, Stage Werx new storytelling series

Stage Werx Storytelling Series

Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

Next show:
Sunday, September 21, 7pm $15

ticket link


Andrea Carla Michaels
“I’d like to Buy an E, please”

Stan Sinberg
“The Wizard of Odds”

Jo Streit
“A Giant Leap of Faith”

Mosa Maxwell-Smith
“Driven to Teach, But I Need a Ride Home”

Ady Abbott
“Sing a Song of Segway?”

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