Questions Producers and Performers Might Ask

a. What is the rent? 
– It varies anywhere from $350-$1000 per invited audience. That means if you want two shows in a day or night you will be charged per show.

b. Exactly what does the rent include?
– Rent includes the theatre, tech booth, lights and sound equipment, dressing room, costume rack, projector with 8’x10′ electric screen (if working), chairs, tables, acting boxes. Rent does not include a tech person, house manager, stage manager, or other personal. We do not manage rental tickets.

c .Is there an additional charge for rehearsal ? Is there an additional cost for tech time?
-Rehearsals/tech rehearsals are charged at $35/hr-$75/hr. If you need to use the lighting, sound or projection system you’ll need to hire a tech at $30/hr to assist you.

d. When tech’ing my show are there any day or time restrictions I need to know about? Do I need to sign up for tech time?
-You need to book your load in/out as well as tech time. You must reserve this time in advance. Please book enough time. If you don’t book the theatre someone else could book up the time. It is not always possible to run over time as often groups are booked right after your time.

e. When can I get a contract from you?
-When you look on the calendar and send an email requesting open dates and times, we will create a contract and send it out usually within 24 hours

f. How many lighting instruments do you have in your theater?
– There are 20 LED Lights and 12 traditional lights. There is a new state of the art LED lighting system. We use QLC+ software with the LED lights. The program is easy to use once taught. It is not easy to use without training. Creating looks is much more time consuming with LED lights than with a light board. If your show is not light cue heavy, there are a lot of looks already set that you can use. If you choose to use your own experienced lighting tech please let your experienced lighting tech know they need to schedule time to train on the system. (no charge)

g. Are there cables and gels that I can use?
-There are no more gels or cables needed. The lights can be any color you want. There is no light designing at this theatre. The lights are used by many different groups and cannot be refocused.

h. Can I bring in my own lighting equipment?
-Not at this time. The grid is full and re-circuiting and re-patching is too time consuming with the current schedule. If you want to use your own fixtures on trees that you bring in, this can be arranged.

i. This space left intentionally blank

j. Is there a sound system? Does it include a CD player?
-There is a sound system with 4 speakers and PreSonus sound software. We do have a Yahama board that can be connected if the PreSonus software is not working for you. There is a 12 channel snake on the stage. (8 xlr – 4 – 1/8″) We do not have a cd player or dvd player. We have 3 mics and various mic stands and a 2 unit Lav system. We also have a commercial free spotify account you are welcome to use.

k. Do you have additional audio-visual equipment? Is the cost of this equipment included in the rent?
-There is a projector you are welcome to use if it’s in working order. If for some reason the projector fails, Stage Werx cannot be held responsible for the effect it has on your show. We offer it as a courtesy. It is fixed and projects an image 8’x10′ on the upstage projection screen. We have an electric projection screen that takes 60 seconds to raise or lower. Others use the projector so it cannot be moved or refocused. If your show is dependent on projection please arrange to have back-up equipment should Stage Werx equipment break.

l. What does the theater offer in terms of a box office staff or a phone reservation line?
-Stage Werx will not be able to offer any services relating to your ticket sales, reservations, or provide information to interested audience members. There are too many shows with too much varying information to provide that service.

m. Is the theater wheel chair accessible?
-The theatre is completely accessible. The theatre is on the first floor. It is a straight shot on one level from the front of the building to the bathrooms in the back.

n. Will I need to purchase insurance?
-Stage Werx does not provide insurance for your group. You will need to provide insurance and add Stage Werx as additionally insured. This must be submitted prior to your show or we will not be able to allow your audience in the venue. We often use

o. Does the theater have a website? Will the theater include info about my show on the website? is the website and you are welcome to submit a link and flyer to us and we’ll pop that on our website.

p. Can i use glitter or other small scattering particles, stage blood, food or water in my show?
-We have a strict no glitter policy. If your show required small scattering particles, stage blood, food or water, a security deposit will be negotiated prior to signing the contact and will be used to clean up any mess left behind.

q. Will I have to repaint the stage when I leave?
-If the impact of your show significantly scuffs the stage, you will be asked to re-paint the stage at your time and cost.

r. Whose responsibility is it to keep the theater clean between shows?
-You will always be given a clean theatre when you come in. It is your responsibility to return it in that condition. If necessary, carpets vacuumed, garbage removed, dressing room cleaned, tech booth cleaned, stage swept and mopped, risers swept and mopped. Everything you need is available to help you. If you cannot return the theatre in the condition with which you received it there is a $40/hr cleaning fee. We ask that you pick up the bathrooms but we do not require deep cleaning.

s.If other classes or shows use the space are they responsible for cleaning the theater?
-Each renter is responsible to clean up after themselves. If you come in and the space is not clean please let Stage Werx staff know so they can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

t. How many bathrooms does the theater contain? 
-There is one standing restroom and one sitting restroom. Please use the restroom in which you feel most comfortable.

u. Will I be sharing the theater with another theater group?
-When you rent the theatre only your group should be in the theatre space.

v. Will another theater group be performing in the space immediately after I finish performing my show?
-There are often shows following your show. Your end time is a hard out. Cleaned up and out the door. The next show will load in immediately at your load out time so they can start their show promptly.

x .Will the performers/audience members for the show following mine be far enough away from the theater that they won’t disturb my show?
-The following show has signed a contract agreeing to their designated start time. They may not enter the building before that time. If they show up you may ask them to wait outside and if there are problems please let Stage Werx staff know.

y. Will there be another set on the stage during my performance?
-Currently you will always be given an empty black box. If there will be a set installed during your rental you will be informed prior to signing a contract.

z. Will I have access to a dressing room?
-The dressing room will be clean for you to use. It must be returned to its clean state upon leaving and all items must be taken with you.

aa. Will I have a private space to store props, set and costumes?
-We do not have storage space to offer. We can potentially lock up a small item or two if necessary.

bb. Does the theater require that someone on their staff be in the space while I’m there?
-Stage Werx does not provide staff for your rental. The person signing the contract is required to be in attendance every time the group is in the space so they can fulfill the terms in the contract. If you need 2 or 3 people to juggle between being in the space they will all need to read and sign the contract.

cc. Will I be able to add on additional performances if the show is selling well? 
-The space will almost always be booked immediately after your run.

dd. Are there any other restrictions that are important to know about?
-There is no food allowed in the theatre or tech booth. Valencia is a vibrant street for humans and animals alike. It’s not possible to maintain a clean healthy space if we continue to feed the outdoor critters so we discourage any food consumption in the building.  Our garbage bins are large enough to handle our current waste. We’re just not set up to handle food or food trash.

ee. What is the seating capacity?
-You will have available to you 70 permanent seats. The two VIP seats are reserved for Stage Werx and are only used with prior discussion with the renting group. There is room for extra folding chairs up to a total of 100 seats but be aware that added seats take up stage space and reduce the acting area. All additional seats beyond 80 are charged $50/10 seats (or one row) up to 3 rows total.

gg. Are there fans or HVAC available?
-We have one ceiling fan that can be turned on and off in the tech booth. The HVAC has been equipped with a UV light to help purify the air. There is an additional air purifier at the top of the house that can be manually turned on if needed.

hh. Does the building have heat?
-We do have minimal heat which doesn’t heat the whole building but can be used to take a bite out of the cold.

ii. Can we serve concessions?
Stage Werx does not have a beer and wine license. You agree to protect the venue from sales and service of alcoholic beverages. BYOB is illegal and we ask that no BYOB is allowed or promoted.